Looking for a few good people!!!!!
March 10, 2009

In case no one has noticed, I’m new to blogging. I would really like input from other animal lovers with ideas to make an impact. I’m not a radical or extremist, I just¬† believe that we have to do the right thing. My ex-wife, Jordan, used to say she felt responsible for being the voice for all of the animals out there that couldn’t, obviously, speak for themselves. She would tell me, and I came to agree, that all of these “pets” are innocents, they are babies. With so many mean, ignorant, or just indifferent people out there, the ones of us that can have to educate pet owners and the general public, as well as, fight to eradicate animal cruelty. Michael vick is getting out of prison soon. He spent a bit of time at a country club Fed location, and now, he will go back to his millions of dollars. He, also, will probably still think he was treated unfairly. I say throw him in the “pit” and let him fight for his life. If he loses, he should have to endure what those poor dogs did. I don’t believe in the death penalty except in the most extreme cases, but being starved, beaten, and forced to fight for his survival seems like fair punishment.

I beg anyone that read this to contact me. jbmccombs@yahoo.com. There are a lot of animal rescue type organizations out there, but this is not one of those. I want to start a grass roots movement to honor all the pets tortured, killed, or just neglected by their owners.¬† I guess the ASPCA is closer to my vision, but I want it to be the voice of those who know their pets best to plead the case. I need all of you’re help to try and make this work. I don’t want your money or to be elected anything. I need your knowledge and support to change the way a lot of people treat these animals we have domesticated and that now depend on us like children need their parents. Thank you, now its time for a PitStop!


The star of the show
March 9, 2009

The precious boy on the header is “Blucifer”. He remains with my ex-wife and is the sweetest 75lb. “monster” ever. He’s even converted my former mother and father-in-law into pit lovers. Him’s a big ol’ sweety, and now he’s living the good life with Ga-maw and Gran-paw.