The central theme and idea behind this blog is that, ultimately, we, animal lovers, are able to make a difference. To do this, though, we have to react and speak up. There are tens of millions of us. We elect the politicians who pass horrible laws. We pay the taxes to fund various initiatives. However, we are our own worst enemies. We cannot be divided. If you love animals, you must love them all. Its fine to have a favorite breed or species, but its not ok to think that as long as it doesn’t affect me its ok. Bully breeds are the most discriminated group, but what happens if certain groups succeed in eradicating or making owning a bully breed so onerous that they are nearly wiped out? Well, then, the “cause heads”, you know, the people who are always on a quest, will pick a new target. Cocker Spaniels, Dalmations, and Jack Russells produce more bites every year than bully breeds do. One of these idiots will move on down the line until it affects you. The only way to ensure it never happens is to let our elected officials know that no one breed of dog iss worse than the other. Bad people make bad pets. Its a fact. If we start enforcing laws against people who train dogs to be viscious, to fight, or who just abuse them till they snap, then we will get somewhere. Dogs obey commands, not laws. They have no concept of any law except the law of the jungle, instinct. People know the difference and must be held accountable.http://www.blogcatalog.com/directory/pets/pet


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