Dog Party!!!!



Is it just me, or does anyone else love to have their dog give them a “face washing”?  Some of my best memories of the last couple years involve me early in the morning and all of my dogs playing before I went to work. We had five, so it wasn’t too often they could all just romp with “daddy” in the living room.  I used to get down in the floor and make monkey noises and scoop up one of the dogs like a gorilla carrying them off into the woods. Sometimes, I would just hop around smacking the floor like a chimp and make monkey noises. The dogs loved it!  Then I would lie down in the floor and let them all mob me. The wife thought I was crazy, and she was right of course. But, boy, wutn’it fun? We also used to take the dogs to the creek on warm days. They loved the water. We would watch them run down the creek and then, suddenly, they would disappear. The poor things had fallen victim of a deep hole in the creek. The funniest one was a rotti pup named Ursa who would stick her head under water and try to bark at the crawdads. She couldn’t swim at all. When she hit deep spots, she just bounded along the bottom until she got into shallower water. Some of you will know the creek I’m talking about. Down in Newby, Ky.  Jigwater and Flatrock. If you live near Richmond, KY., I recommend taking the dogs down there for a dog party. Of course, there was the time that my cover model , Blue, tried to eat a horse down there. The guy who owned the horse saw us heading to the creek and followed us down to Flatrock just to tell us that Blue was one purty pit bu’. Exact words were ,”look at the head on that sumabitch”. This was not a good guy. He went on to tell us how he had ‘fit'(redneck for fought) his dog for 4 years and had never lost a fight. I guess the dog never got gashed, bloodied, bruised, or anything like that, huh?  Ironically, ignorant people are so ignorant they don’t even realize it.


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