Life isn’t always fair

Life isn’t always fair

I’ve added a couple of pictures to show some of the animal’s we helped over the years. I”m sure I will add more as time passes. Sadly, not all of these three made it. I mentioned a tragedy a couple of years ago, and one of these three was involved. Wer were so naive, but we were well intentioned. The mottled brindle female was taken from a crack dealer, and she had been fought. We thought we had her on the road to rehab, but she turned out to be uunbreakable of her animal aggresiveness, at least by us. I wish we would have known more resources to have gotten her placed in a rescue that would have been able to work with her, but instead, after agonizing over the fact that she had killed my wife’s dog “and i think best friend”, Bridger, we had to put her down. I held her while the euthanasia drugs did their job. She was loved, but we were scared Roxie, the dog, would kill again. Next time it could have been a person. This was a very hard decision, and one to this day I wish we could have had a better outcome on.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Helpful Info

Trying to do my part

Five years ago, my ex-wife and I found a pitbull pup running down the side of the road. He was very cute, and he had the best personality ever. We tried to locate his owner, but no one ever claimed the little guy. The first night he was i n our house, we put him in the basement with our big lab/rotti mix , Bridger. We pit up a baby gate and went off to bed. The next morning, I awoke to his goofy little butt snuggled up under the blankets between my legs. It seems, the basement wasn’t good enough for him. This was the first pit I had for a pet, and we ended up naming him Vinnie. He was daddy’s boy from then on.
Over the next 5 years, Jordan, my ex now, and I took in at least 15 pits and assorted other animals. The pits, however, were our love. Never have I been more fulfilled than during this time. We had a tragedy on Christmas eve a couple of years back, and we learned the hard way that sometimes we wouldn’t be able to save them all. We did save a lot of them though. My wife cried everytime we located one a home, but she knew that that was the goal. We couldn’t keep them all anymore than we could save them all. This blogsite is the continuation of the time we spent together, and my attempt to help all the pets castoff like so much trash.

Candlelight Vigil Held for Innocent Victims



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